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The nonprofit sector is nothing like running a traditional business. That's why most charities close within five years of starting up and most never reach a budget over $50,000. You have a mission to change something in your community, and I know if you are thinking about launching a nonprofit, you have the gumption and desire to make a real impact around you. Most charities never get good training and don't meet their potential. You are already ahead of the pack by considering learning the most you can about starting strong! Congratulations! Choosing to start is the first step to your charity's success!


Answering Questions is Our Specialty

  • Do you offer a free preview?

    Yes. The Bird's Eye View course includes three lessons that provide an overview of what a nonprofit is, the stages of starting a charity, and skills that a founder should consider before starting. There is a special section on how to pay for early start-up costs. Each additional plan offers a 10 day free trial.

  • What is the difference between the three listed courses?

    Bird's Eye View offers some very basic information that many people not familiar with nonprofits find surprising. In some cases, this information keeps them from starting a charity. The information regarding how to start a nonprofit is essentially the same in each of the main packages. The price difference comes with the levels of mentoring and feedback available.

  • How much mentoring is in the Value Package?

    The Value Pack includes program specific feedback from the mentor on each assignment and access to the discussion group and Facebook group. The instructor is interactive in these areas.

  • How much mentoring is in the Interactive Package

    We add regular group or phone based call-in sessions for those in the Interactive Package. Once we have a large enough group, we will break the calls into cohorts based on which phase they are in their start-up. Student's in this phase will also have access to additional resources.

  • How much mentoring is in the All Access package?

    Our All Access package adds e-mail support and up to two phone call sessions per month. Expected turn-around for most questions is 24 hours or less at this time.

  • When will courses for the Pilot Classes- the Full Start a Life Changing Nonprofit be released?

    The first series of lessons for the full course will be released by July 15, 2020. Additional courses will be released at least once per week thereafter. The instructor is available to students on a limited basis as soon as they sign up for the Bird's Eye View course through forums and will be more available when a student signs up for the full course, regardless of whether the lessons have been released.

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But we have people and communities in need across the country. With education, determination, and support, your idea may be the one that really helps.